IoT Services

The Internet of Things is an emerging area of technical, social, and economic significance. Consumer products, durable goods, cars and trucks, industrial and utility components, sensors, and other everyday objects are being combined with Internet connectivity and powerful data analytic capabilities that promise to transform the way we work, live, and play. Projections for the impact of IoT on the Internet and economy are impressive, with some anticipating as many as 100 billion connected IoT devices and a global economic impact of more than $11 trillion by 2025.

Our end-to-end IoT solutions empower smart industries, smart life Style and smart business houses. Also it enriches experiences by connecting assets, operations/logistics, and services.

While we have expertise across all stages of IoT adoption to provide you with a seamless single vendor experience to maximize efficiencies, we focus predominantly on the segments mentioned below:

  • Smart Industries – Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities. Re-imagine processes to unlock the true potential of your industry while facilitating sustainable development.
  • Smart Life Style – Wearables, Healthcare, Security. Enhance the quality of life by embracing emerging technologies designed to foster healthier, happier and safe environment.
  • Smart Business Houses – Smart homes/ Buildings/ Offices, Retail. Connect people, machines and information using Big Data to enhance business efficiency in a secured ecosystem.

IoT Solution Approach


  • Requirement analysis and business alignment.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Anticipating new use cases.
  • Tools and framework selection.


  • Platform design.
  • Design blueprinting.
  • Solution prototyping.
  • Agile and continuous delivery.
  • Developer enablement services.


  • Data testing using firmware.
  • Simulation-based testing.
  • Data comprehensiveness and accuracy testing.
  • Interruption testing.
  • Component certification.

Our Solutions

Digital Twin
Prevision Maintenance
Smart Agriculture
Smart City
Smart Waste Management
Enterprise IoT
Truck Fleet Management
RFID - Asset Tracking

Key Factors of our IoT Solutions

Iot End Points

Covers the physical world and operational technology required to connect things and communicate.

  • Things(firmware and non-IP connectivity).
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Agents
  • Edge computing device.
  • Communication protocols.

IoT Software

Our IoT software services together to manage the IoT endpoints securely, represent the digital twin of connected things, process and analyze data, and provide APIs to consume and expose services.

  • Device management.
  • Digital twin management.
  • Event and data processing.
  • Analytics or machine learning.
  • API management.

IoT Apps

The Applications layer is where IoT solutions are brought to life, turning data into actionable insight, putting it in the hands of our users, customers and partners.

  • Integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Multichannel applications.
  • Integration
  • Testing.
  • Deployment.

Our Products

IP Cores
Smart City
IoT Product Kit